We are currently online based artists and writers. We hope to soon expand our horizons and connections to allow other young creators to pursue their passion for creating content and telling stories.

Meet the Team


Seline Trjuillo

Lead Illustrator 

The Founder of TchotchkeCo™ is Seline Trujillo. Seline is a professional artist who currently has an Associates in Art degree. Seline has been in over 25+ galleries and museums. She has worked alongside many other artists and is currently working hard to produce webcomics and novel covers. Seline hopes to one day become a college professor by gaining her Doctorates.

Drew Barbosa

Lead Writer & Colorist

Drew Barbosa is the Co-Founder to TchotchkeCo™ . Drew works hard in writing his own novels and comic books. His current book, Deadboy Party is currently published for the public to read. In early 2017, Drew Barbosa pushed for TchotchkeCo to start creating content as an effort to allow TchotchkeCo™ to grow and thrive. Drew also maintains nearly all social media, websites, and sales at this current moment.

End Goal:

We plan on allowing TchotchkeCo™ to be a gathering spot for many people to interact with each other and enjoy content they feel passionate about! We hope to eventually allow most of our content to be offered at affordable prices (read: FREE) in hopes to reach many more people.